Spotlighting Black Excellence Panels:

Inaugural 2019 Toronto Black Policy Conference

In this discussion NABC interviews the founders of the first ever Black Policy Conference in Toronto.  Anna-Kay Russell, Eunice Kays and Sharnelle Morgan highlight the impetus for the conference, its importance and provide suggestions for youth and members of the Black community interested in joining the policy field. 

Urban Rez Solutions' SAY IT LOUD Initiative

Our interview today is with Roderick Brereton and Farley Flex the co-founders of Urban Rez Solutions, a culturally sensitive social change, capacity building and conflict management consultancy. They discuss their roles in the Violence Prevention Campaign launched under the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan and their new federally funded initiative SAY IT LOUD. 

"What will you do when you get to the table?" Talking Cultural Mentorship with Edson Jeffers

Today, we interview Edson Jeffers about the New Age Ministry and the importance of the Cultural Mentorship Program (CMP) as a means of nurturing Black community success. We dive into the three stages of the CMP, the ways in which the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan and other funding initiatives can address program sustainability concerns, and further plans for the future of the Program.